A picture is worth a thousand mouse clicks

What do you do with all those faded and cracking photographs that are lying in a box under the stairs in your basement? Well, you have two choices, leave them where they are and leave them to the ravages of oxidation, losing your families precious memories, or you can scan them onto your computer and repair them in Adobe Photoshop.

My sister-in-law found this picture of her father from the 1950's on his way to California with her mother during their honeymoon. My father-in-law stopped on their way through the mountains somewhere out west after seeing this deer on the side of the road. Armondo, (father-in-law) bravely got out of the car while his wife snapped a picture of him feeding an apple to a deer that seemed to have no fear of humans. Standing along side his 1950's Ford Victoria he held out his hand to this young buck who happily took the apple from Armondo's hand. The scene has such a retro Americana feel to it that I couldn't wait to see what I could do with it.

Looking at the picture in its current state you can see how cracked, faded, and damaged it is. She asked me if there was anyway I could fix it, of course I said, I'm a photoshop expert and I knew exactly what I had to do. First I scanned the picture using an Epson scanner on my iMac, than I started working on it in Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. The first thing I did was to make a copy of the original layer so I can do a before and after comparison and so I can go back if I needed to. I began using the clone tool to remove all the cracks and scratches, there were areas where their were so many cracks that I used the brush to paint in some of the areas with tone picked from the original. For some of the trees I used the filter/render/tree function and created a couple maples and a spruce tree to replace a few trees that were damaged. I thought it would be fun to do some colorization on this bw photo to give it more life also. To do the colorization I created a layer and put the blending mode on multiply, than turned the opacity down to about 50 percent. The multiply mode will blend the pixels you add on the layer above by combing the two layers pixels together. There are many different blending modes you can experiment with to see what the effect will be. I knew the old Ford Victoria was a greenish color from a family description, the rest of the color I just chose what seemed right. For the sky I did a slight bluish gradient, and used the filter/render/clouds to add some cloudiness to it. All the retouching is done using layers and masks which I spot brush where I need to. The whole process took me a few hours to complete.

It takes a lot of patience but to me it is fun and relaxing. #Adobephotoshop#classiccars#fordvictoria#vintagephotos



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