Cruise Nights of Summer

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Another warm summer weekend on Ridge Road in Lansing usually means Cruise Night here in my hometown just south of Chicago. Everyone and anyone who owns a classic car, vintage car, muscle car or even a Polaris Slingshot is here displaying their pride and joy. Walking down ridge road you can see a variety of cars, some with their hoods up so you can see the meticulously clean engines which the owners proudly display and are happy to talk about, everything from a '57 Corvette, Vintage '60s Camero, Pontiac Firebird, Oldsmobile 442, '72 Chevelle, '57 Chevy,'66 Ford Ranchero, Ford Mustangs, Cadillacs, Pontiac Grand Prix, plenty of American muscle is on display. The Lansing Cruise night is not just limited to American cars, plenty of British cars there also, Mini Cooper, MG Motors, Vintage Triumph Tr6, Triumph Tr3, Triumph Spitfire, Triumph GT6, also some Austin Healey classic cars, Austin Healey Sprite, Austin Healey MK3000, Austin Healey 100/6, Jaguar, even some Morris Minor Traveller cars if your lucky. Cruise night is like a smorgasbord of cars on display for you to relive days gone by when gas was 75 cents or less, you had a pretty girl under your arm, some classic rock blasting from your Pioneer Super Tuner Stereo and not a care in the world. As I walk down ridge road I see some classic German cars, a Volkswagen Thing the car that was so ugly it was cool, Porsche 911, Porsche 987, Porsche 911 Carrera, cars that you used to play with as matchbox cars when you were a kid, the Italians are there too like the Fiat 124 Sport Spider, Fiat 500, De Tomaso Pantera GTS, its all there at Cruise Night. Just a few miles down the road is the Famous Blue Top Drive-in where weekend car shows are held during the summer and fall, I captured a '72 Chevelle, a '57 Chevy, a Chevrolet Bel-Air, and '57 Corvette there and created the Blue Top Drive-in series of banners using those pics. I've been using a Nikon D3100 to capture some of the classic and vintage automobiles that I use for creating my garage banners. Here are some pictures from the Lansing Cruise Night and Blue Top Drive-in from the summer of 2019.

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