1936 oldsmobile business coupe

Custom 1936 Oldsmobile Business Coupe Garage Banner 2ft x 4ft

Custom 1936 Oldsmobile Business Coupe Garage Banner


A classic from a bygone era, the oldsmobile business coupe was touted as the car that had size without sacrafice, ample luggage room in the trunk, fast without sacrafice of smoothness. "Whatever business or other travel may require, the answer is this big, rugged Oldsmobile Coupe..." with its powerful V8 engine,

"In styling...performance...comfort...features...The car that has everything." That was the slogan in a 1936 advertisement for this classic.


This banner would look great displayed in your garage, or man cave!


2ft x 4ft 14oz heavy duty vinyl banner material with grommets.

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