Custom Vintage Alfa Romeo Giulietta Garage Banner 2ft x 4ft

Custom 1955 Vintage Alfa Romeo Giulietta Garage Banner

"The Italian Girlfriend" is a quote from a vintage advertisement for this classic Italian sports car.


Very few car manufacturers had the exclusivity and aura that surrounded Alfa Romeo in the pre-war era. Their dominance in motorsport was matched by Bugatti and Mercedes only. Alfas great achievement in the early post-war period was to convert their expensive, handmade production for only the wealthiest into a larger scale series production. The little Giulietta from 1955 was a cornerstone in this strategy. Into the handsome body styled by Franco Scaglione at Bertone went a little jewel of an all alloy engine with wet cylinder sleeves, twin overhead camshafts, cylinder head with hemispheric combustion chambers and 8 ports prepared to take either a single carburetor or twin double choke Webers. 


2ft x 4ft 14oz heavy duty vinyl banner material with grommets.



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